Tiny Hero

Our role was to bring Tiny Hero, a fresh fun quinoa brand, to life. We were on a mission to overhaul their digital presence with a new, highly functional website. The new Tiny Hero website was designed and built from the ground up as a mobile and desktop experience. It also contains an extensive list of products and recipes to show the world how a little grain can make a mighty meal.

I’ve really enjoyed working with DGD on my brand Tiny Hero. We’re a quinoa startup and DGD came into the picture very early on and helped us really build out what the brand meant. We had a logo, we had a tagline, but what we didn’t have was a manifestation of the brand in our digital assets. So I worked with DGD in order to create the website and do it in a really fun manner, which they really got, they really got our brand voice when we didn’t have a lot of examples to base it off of. That was really key, that they understood my brand and how I wanted to bring it to life and they were able to really have good conversations with me about how to best talk to consumers about who we were. I really highly recommend DGD and hope that you work with them too!

Christie Lee, Director, Tiny Hero