The Death of BRB?

I’m not sure if the kids today say BRB when they’re texting or otherwise chatting with each other. My guess is, probably not, although, I have heard people literally say it out loud during an in-person conversation. This says a lot about where technology has taken us. Recently, I was sitting at my computer in […]

3 Ways to Tell if You're Actually Helping

My kids love “helping.” When I’m cooking dinner, they want to “help.” When I’m fixing something around the house, they want to “help.” If they’re told that I don’t need any help with my task and they can help by doing something else, cleaning up their toys, for example, they will sometimes whine, “but I […]

So, You Think You Do Email Marketing? 9 Emails You Should be Sending with Examples

The face of email marketing is changing. Everyday entrepreneurs’ understanding of what email marketing is, however, is not quite keeping up. Too many entrepreneurs believe that if they are sending out an email newsletter, then they are “doing” email marketing. While you should certainly send out regular content, this isn’t even scratching the surface of […]

34% Conversion Rate Increase — 4 Unconventional Tips about How We Did It

A ton of considerations go into substantially increasing a conversion rate on an e-commerce site. We’ve distilled our process down to 4 key takeaways for digital brand retailers, especially purposeful brands like our clients. We will try to avoid the obvious, like where to place your cart button, and stick to the insights that you […]

The Built on Purpose Podcast – Sarah Villafranco, Owner of Osmia Organics

Transcript Welcome to the Built On Purpose Podcast where we talk with purpose-driven professionals about the challenges and triumphs of trying to make the world a better place through business. I’m your host, John Natoli, co-founder and president of Pollen Brands, a digital branding agency empowering purpose-driven professionals with design and digital ideation and activation […]

DIY Danger Zone

A few short years ago the do-it-yourself website building landscape was a mess. Sure, the tools were available, but everything a lay-person created with them was recognizably bad. Some interfaces were easier to use than others, some came with better starter themes than others, price models varied, but what they all had in common is […]

I’m Not Psychic, I’ve Just Been There Before

We have a process at Do Good Design Co. Well, actually we have at least a hundred processes. Each is clearly defined, written in an article, outline or checklist in our internal wiki site. Need to interview a new client? Need to create a new project folder in Dropbox? Need to conduct a web design […]

What Can Elephants Teach Us About Design?

This might seem like a very strange question to ask, particularly in the context of design; but it recently came to mind when we were asked to explain how our multifaceted service offering helps us create better design. One of the most important aspects of how we view design is that we look at it […]

Don’t Worry About the Worry Dolls

My 6-year-old daughter, Ava, was recently given something called a worry doll. A worry doll is a traditional Guatemalan figurine, usually only a few inches tall, made from wood and traditional woven fabric. The idea behind it is this: if you’re worried about something, or perhaps having trouble sleeping, you tell your worries to the […]

Remember to Readjust the Wheel

When I was around 12 years old, I took the bus to school every day. I had moved to a new town only a few years prior, and as a smallish, quiet kid, I was slow to make friends. One day, as we were nearing the corner of my street, I walked up to the […]