Good Work,
with Good People,
at Good Rates

Good Work

It’s personal

For us, it’s about more than quality design and code. Whether you’re running a family business, making your own dream a reality, or putting your reputation on the line to drive a larger corporate project forward, it’s personal.

We’re entrepreneurs, too

We’re entrepreneurs, too—and we know exactly what it’s like to work for your livelihood, to create something real from what was once just an idea, and to want to only entrust it in the best of hands. When you work with us, we take that trust seriously.

You do good work

You push your organization to be the best that it can be, deliver the best possible products and services and the most value to your stakeholders. You care about the work your doing. whether it supports a broader cause, or just the improvement of your industry and your customers’ lives, it’s important to you.

It’s important to us, too

That’s why we take such great care to fully understand your vision and goals to craft a careful strategy, why we squeeze every ounce of creativity from our skills with meticulous execution, and why we constantly upskill to provide the best possible technical implementation, right-sized for your organization.

We’ve gotten recognition

From the most prestigious design awards like CSS Design Awards and Awwwards, publications like Sustainable Business, technology partners like WordPress and Shopify, but most importantly, from our clients.

Our commitment to you

Our commitment to you is to deliver the best possible work, with care and pride.

Good People

You’ve got to have more

To work for Do Good Design Co. you’ve got to have more than technical chops and creativity—you need integrity and a dedication to your clients. We’ve got skills, and we’ve also got character. 

United by ambition, connected with technology

We’re not limited by geography. We hail from New Jersey, New York, Montreal, London, Taiwan, Romania, Illinois and all over the globe, united by a love of doing good work for good people and connected by the best use of collaborative technology.

Plenty to love

There’s more to us than strategy, creativity and skills. We’re pros who love to talk shop, but we can also geek out about what you love. Part of what has drawn us all to this industry is that we get to work with all kinds of people who do different things, and learn deeply about each one. We’re enlivened by learning about new industries, and getting to know new people. We’re parents, millennials, world travellers, organic gardeners, martial artists, avid readers, movie geeks—we’re people! And we’re looking forward to getting to know you.

Speaking of you…

It’s not all about us. Our clients are good people. People who care about their work, who are creating a livelihood for themselves and others, advancing their industries and making the world a better place. You inspire us!

This is fun

You love what you do, but sometimes work can be, well, work. Our clients look forward to their meetings with us when they can get creative, see their vision coming to life and connect with pros who care. We look forward to meeting with you!

Good Rates

Pricing is hard

In this industry, pricing is hard for both agencies and customers. You will get prices that are all over the map for what seems to be the same service. So how do you know what’s fair?

Fair’s fair

A price of $100,000 can be fair for a project, and a price of $10,000 can be fair for the “same” project.

We’ve worked with some of the largest multinational companies where every design decision must go before a dozen or more specialized professionals in multiple departments, and undergo a dozen or more rounds of revisions, where the stakes are in the 100s of millions of dollars and the competitive landscape is nuanced and complex, requiring many different exploratory design versions, focus groups and more. A price in the high tens or hundreds of thousands is fair for this kind of project.

We also commonly work with smaller businesses where the founder and/or marketing director are the only people reviewing the work and signing off on every decision. Things move swiftly and decisively because the work is great and the environment is less complicated. A much lower price range is fair for this kind of project.

Tailor made

Our projects are structured so that you know exactly what to expect and what you’re paying for. Don’t need lots of revisions? Don’t pay for them. Don’t need a complicated user interface? Don’t pay for one. But if you do need more advanced components, we’ve got you covered.

John Natoli

This won’t be a typical third-person professional bio. I’m John Natoli, and I’d like to introduce myself personally, because I believe in what you’re doing, and I’d like to be a part of it. I’ve worked with organizations like The Closed Loop Fund, Danone, Gerber Organic, Pepsico Sustainability, and dozens of purposeful startups and entrepreneurs.

Having spent 10+ years building a successful branding and web agency based in Manhattan and L.A., I transitioned the business to Do Good Design Co. to build a team that focuses on sharp, strategic design and close, fruitful relationships.

I’m Dad of a big homeschooling, sourdough-making, kombucha-brewing, chicken-raising, garden-growing, mushroom-hunting, hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, globe-trotting family. We believe in equality, social and environmental justice. I teach my kids Right Livelihood — that your livelihood should align with your values. My bookshelf is full of books on the soil microbiome, regenerative and permaculture systems, along with marketing, design, programming and business-building.

It is so exciting to work with companies like yours. 

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Kelley Melgarejo
Project Manager
Rich Thompson
Marketing Strategist
Paul West
Lead Copywriter
Carin Weiss-Krolikowski
Finance Director
Courtney Koester
Photography & Video